Many thanks Nathan for a wonderfully entertaining evening. Our very own Gareth Malone for the evening only better! Let us know if you ever fancy starting a Shropshire Rock Band Choir!
— Church Stretton Women's Institute (Marmaladies)
I’ve never seen A engage like that.
— Carer, CATS Birmingham
I think you’re great
— G M, singer and collaborator, 13
Brilliant to see a musical space where our mainstream and SEN children could create and play together as equals.
— Sue Rawlings, Head Teacher
You made it really exciting.
— The Company (mixed SEN & mainstream theatre group), Foxhollies School, Birmingham
Nathan is a confident, innovative and engaging music leader who transfers his passion for music to those that he works with. Nathan shows great empathy and is committed to ensuring that all the participants in the sessions that he leads are supported to take part and learn.
— Sandra Taylor, Project Director, MAC Makes Music
Another successful collaboration that helped us get some very positive feedback from OFSTED.
— Mary Larkham, Head Teacher, Goodway Road Nursery School
The children were highly engaged and were thrilled at the prospect of downloading their song online.
— Margaret Faye, Parent
Nathan is a joy to work with, he has great musical skills, a person centered approach and a willingness to take musical risks. He works in a positive multi-disciplinary way with other artists and never forgets that the ‘real’ musicians that he works with are the young people that he is supporting.
— Keith Youngson, Deputy Head, Foxhollies School, Birmingham (SEN)
I wish you could be a teacher here. Can you come back?
— Year 3 pupil, Tipton Green Primary
Nathan delivers creative and imaginative music workshops that inspire pupils of all ages. He is responsive to the needs of all participants and his style encourages everyone to enjoy and feel the benefits that music, song, storytelling and songwriting can bring.
— Adele Deane, Director, Workshops For Schools
— Churchers Primary School, West Sussex
Very enjoyable. Inclusive and interactive, high engagement. Children want Nathan to come back again.
— Class Teacher, Tipton Green Primary
Nathan provided interactive music workshops over a period of eight weeks, encouraging the service users to explore different musical instruments and allowing them to find their voice. The sessions were well prepared but due to the wide range of abilities and needs, there was a lot of flexibility and Nathan always included the gentlemen in how they wanted the sessions to progress. The guys were highly motivated to attend the sessions and during their time with Nathan each person was able to experiment with different instruments to find one they enjoyed. One of the guys discovered his skill with songwriting and was able to write two songs which are still being played on the unit today. Another of the guys was able to explore his hip hop skills using some beats and loops that Nathan guided him with. There is a wide range of needs and at times it can be hard for the guys to work in group situations, Nathan was able to take a warm and flexible approach to enable the guys to explore music in a relaxed and enjoyable way. At the end of the Nathan’s sessions the guys were able to play their songs to the other people on the ward, it was a real sense of achievement and pride for all involved. Most of all it was fun!
— Kirk Allen, Psychiatric Nurse, Ellesmere House, St George's Hospital, Stafford
He has a special gift with the children.
— Teacher feedback, Goodway Rd Nursery, Birmingham
Nathan was an invaluable asset to our team in Haiti. The quality of his work is underlined by a deep sense of empathy for those that have suffered.
— Dr Ellie Parker, Director, Fun For Life
Nathan has been a great asset to Ark Kings Academy. He has helped set up the new Band Musicianship Programme for our Years 7’s and Year 8’s. All students have had coaching in small groups on Guitar, Keyboard, Singing and Drum-kit and have now formed Bands that are practising for the Showcase event at the beginning of July. Nathan is a very enthusiastic educator who has inspired our students to try new skills and their confidence has grown as a result of the programme.
— Paul Bull, Head of Music & KS3 ARK Kings Academy, Birmingham
A longstanding member of our team; Nathan’s passion for sound is infectious and his amiable personality puts all at ease.
— Ruchi Joshi, Director, Straight Up Community Arts
The content worked well for the group and there was good collaborative work with parts of the session adapted to engage all pupils. Children were able to use creative skills to perform their stories and they enjoyed doing this. Thoroughly enjoyed the session. Thankyou.
— Class Teacher, Glenmead Primary School, Birmingham
Fantastic. Nathan engaged the children totally and they all participated and enjoyed it
— Class Teacher, Tipton Green Primary
Nathan led a music session will a small group of young people with a range of abilities. The aim of the session was for the group to create music for their forthcoming show. The session was centred on the interests and individual abilities of each young person. Nathan seemed to have a clear understanding of the young people’s personalities and was able to deliver the activities appropriately for each individual; taking on board their suggestions and ideas.

Following the small group session, other members of ‘The Company’ who had been working on drama, dance and set design came back to join the music group. Nathan led the whole group session asking for ideas from the group and again was able to take on board their suggestions and incorporate them into the music making.

The session seemed to be very successful, the young people were engaged and Nathan appears to have a strong rapport with the group.
— Nicola Burke, Youth Music Project Evaluator