I’ve had some really positive feedback from the kids, lots of them saying they particularly enjoyed your session, so a big thank you!
— Katie Marshall, Head of Year 11 Enrichment, ARK Kings Academy

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I'm a working, gigging musician (voice, guitar, percussion) with over a decade of experience in delivering successful outcomes through music both in the UK and abroad. I've undertaken long term professional training in education, pedagogy and arts facilitation and continue to regularly develop my practice. 

The majority of my work is focused on supporting people to devise, record and perform their own original material and my goal is always to collaborate with pupils as a co-creator.  I don't subscribe to the purely didactic models of education and although my more formal lessons are meticulously scaffolded, I prize student autonomy above all else. The nuts and bolts of this approach vary hugely with the age group and the context, but my core motivation is always the same; to devolve creative power and to build musical and social acumen.  

I believe firmly that creative music making can change all of our lives for the better. My pedagogy is heavily influenced by Paul Evans' work on Self Determination Theory and Dorothy Heathcote's Mantle of the Expert. I'm able to play the autocrat when necessary but am generally guided by the principles of servant leadership. My teaching style has been described as "warm but rigorous". My behaviour management skills are exceptionally strong and they're continually honed through my work as a class teacher in a challenging secondary Academy in Birmingham.

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The more unusual parts of my career have seen me delivering music and theatre projects in Sri Lanka, India and Haiti as well as in secure psychiatric wards and inner city Pupil Referral Units here in the UK. I have long term experience of teaching and arts intervention within mainstream education and for the first three years of my career, I focused primarily on fusing role-play, music and story within Early Years.

I now train Early Years musicians and practitioners to integrate creative approaches with the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.  I'm also trained in the use and application of the Sounds of Intent framework.

I'm regularly contacted by councils, schools, charities and various other partners to deliver innovative music projects across the Welsh Marches and the Midlands. The music we've devised together has attracted local press and has been performed in leading theatres and venues in London (Barbican), Birmingham (MAC) and Glasgow (Tron).

I can evidence successful facilitation in the following contexts;

Early Years, NEET, At Risk, Challenging Circumstances, Mainstream Primary and Secondary, mixed SEN, Complex Emotional Needs and Mental Health.

Reflective practice is of great importance to me and I'm well versed in planning for and responding to multiple client agendas, ensuring that my partners are well equipped with the data and evidence they need to both attract and maintain funding, as well as clearly evidence and evaluate their project outcomes.  I understand that your funder's agenda is my agenda too.

If you'd like to know more then please feel free to say hello.