I’ve had some really positive feedback from the kids, lots of them saying they particularly enjoyed your session, so a big thank you!
— Katie Marshall, Head of Year 11 Enrichment, ARK Kings Academy

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Hello, I'm a working composer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist with over a decade of successful experience in delivering positive outcomes through music both in the UK and abroad. I've undertaken long term professional training in arts facilitation and continue to regularly develop my practice.  I'm not the musician that works in education because he has to; bringing music into the lives of young people is a passion of mine.  

My degree was in Ancient History and I love to incorporate this into my work whenever possible.

My goal is to collaborate with young people and to empower them to create, record and perform their own original music and lyrics. The nuts and bolts of this vary hugely with the age group and context but my core motivation is always the same; to be relevant, original and enabling. I firmly believe that creative music making can change our lives for the better.

The more challenging parts of my career have seen me delivering music and theatre projects in post conflict Sri Lanka and among the ruins of earthquake stricken Haiti as well as in secure psychiatric wards and inner city Pupil Referral Units here in the UK. I have long term experience of teaching and arts delivery within mainstream education and for the first three years of my career I focused primarily on fusing role-play, music and story within Early Years.

I work regularly for councils, schools, charities and various other partners in delivering innovative music projects as well as with special needs groups from across the Midlands. The music we have devised together has attracted local press and has been performed in leading theatres and venues in England and Scotland (you can hear a good selection here).

I can evidence highly successful facilitation in the following contexts;

Early Years, NEET, At Risk, Challenging Circumstances, Mainstream Primary and Secondary, mixed SEN, Complex Emotional Needs and Mental Health.

Reflective practice is of great importance to me and I'm well versed in responding to multiple client agendas, ensuring that my partners are well equipped with the data and evidence that they need to both attract and maintain funding as well as clearly evidence and evaluate their project outcomes.  I understand that your funder's agenda is my agenda too.

As I mentioned above, I regularly record and compose for visual media (www.nathanportlock.com) and I have an industry standard mobile studio (including sound treatment, full band set-up and P.A with bass bins) that I use within my educational work.

If you'd like to know more please feel free to get in touch.